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6 Fun and Exciting Ways to Use Your Garage This Summer

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Open Your Garage Doors – Or Leave Them Closed – for These Unique Activities

Make the most of your garage space this summer. With the warm weather and longer days ahead, now is the perfect time to transform your garage into a summer wonderland. From creating a DIY home cinema experience to hosting a garage band jam session, there are endless possibilities to make use of your residential garage space. So, let’s explore six fun and exciting ways to turn your garage into a hub of summer entertainment!

Prepare Your Space With New Garage Doors

Before you creatively use your garage for activities this summer, get it ready by replacing your garage doors, particularly if they’re damaged, rusted, or otherwise worn out. New garage doors are an investment, but they also improve your home’s curb appeal, improve its energy efficiency, and keep your home more secure. Pre-insulated garage doors can be a smart upgrade because they help keep your garage interior cooler during the summer.

Create a DIY Home Cinema Experience

Bring the movie theater home and invite family and friends to share in the magic. You’ll create special memories and maybe even start a new family tradition.

For this exciting garage use, you’ll need white, solid garage doors to serve as your protector screen. Or, set up a standalone projector screen inside. Play a family-favorite movie on the projector.

For seating, get creative with bean bags, lounge chairs, fluffy blankets, or large pillows to make the space cozy and inviting. Hang string lights to mimic the night stars and to provide a little lighting without distorting the movie screen.

Create a “concession stand” complete with icy cold drinks, a popcorn machine, and boxed candy to replicate the movie theater experience. Take your guests orders and hand them their snacks in a kitschy popcorn bag or bucket.

Set Up Your Own Personal Gym

Transform your garage into a personalized gym to start a convenient fitness journey. First, determine the layout of your exercise zones – one for strength training, one for cardio, and one for yoga or stretching. Be sure that any large weight equipment won’t affect the movement of your garage doors.

Incorporate a durable, easy-to-clean flooring solution to ensure safety and comfort during workouts. Rubber mats or interlocking foam tiles can cushion heavy weights and provide stability. To keep motivation high, install a sound system for your favorite pump-up playlist or consider mounting a TV for following along with online workout classes.

Proper ventilation is crucial to maintain a comfortable environment, especially during the hot summer months. A standing fan or a ceiling-mounted fan can help circulate air, and if possible, opening the garage door slightly during workouts can allow for a fresh breeze.

Open Your Garage Doors and Host a Summer Sale

Embrace the spirit of summer by turning your garage into the epicenter for a rummage sale. Begin the process by sifting through your belongings and pricing them to sell.

Once you’ve selected your items, the next step is to ensure your garage doors are in working order, providing easy access for visitors.

Arrange your items thoughtfully within the space, categorizing them to make browsing a breeze for your shoppers. Price items clearly, and maybe add a “free” box to encourage more foot traffic. Advertise your sale on social media and in community groups, highlighting unique or high-demand items you’re offering.

On the day of the sale, create a welcoming atmosphere. Play some upbeat music, and if possible, offer refreshments.

What will you do with your profits? Maybe new garage doors are calling your name!

Turn It Into a Creative Art Studio or Woodshop

Transforming your garage into a space for creativity is a thrilling way to unlock your artistic potential this summer. Begin by organizing the space to accommodate various art forms, like painting, sculpting, or woodworking.

Ensure each space is well-lit, preferably with natural light. Add sturdy tables that can serve multiple purposes. Shelving and pegboards on the walls can keep supplies and tools organized and within easy reach.

Plan for proper ventilation, especially when working with oil paints, solvents, or sealants. A fan can circulate air, and you can keep the garage door open while you craft and build.

Turn It Into a Creative Art Studio or Woodshop

Transform your garage into the ultimate jam space for an unforgettable garage band session. First, ensure your garage doors are securely open or closed, depending on your preference for privacy or an open-air concert vibe.

Arrange your space to include a designated stage area, with ample room for instruments, amps, and microphones. Consider the acoustics; if necessary, add some soundproofing materials around the walls to keep the rock vibes within your space and maintain peace with the neighbors.

Equip the area with comfortable seating for any friends who come to listen, and set the mood with lights that mimic a concert atmosphere. Lastly, have a small refreshment station nearby to keep the band and audience hydrated and energized. This setup not only provides a fantastic outlet for musical creativity, but also strengthens friendships through the universal language of music.

Create a Pop-Up Bar for Your Friends

Converting your garage into a pop-up home bar can be the highlight of your summer social gatherings. Begin with selecting a corner or side of your garage to establish the bar area. Think about incorporating a portable bar cart or a sturdy table as your serving station, equipped with various spirits, mixers, and an array of glassware suited for different types of cocktails.

To elevate the atmosphere and create a warm environment, strategically place ambient lighting, like string lights and lanterns. Decorate with vibrant themes or classic bar signage, or keep it classy with minimalistic touches.

Ensure there’s comfortable seating, perhaps with bar stools and a few lounge chairs, so everyone can mingle comfortably. Play music over a Bluetooth speaker to complete the vibe.


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